So got people tell limpeh about this sibeh nice view buffet at Westin Hotel, so limpeh decided to check it out… but one thing limpeh damn paiseh.. cos limpeh all along thought Westin is at City Hall that one. (WHY ARH?) Heng Taxi Unker corrected me so never waste money. Ok here’s our sibeh honest review…

Seasonal Tastes Lunch Buffet @ Westin Singapore
Adult : $48++, Child : $24++

Food Spread : 2/5 – Really kanasai and limited.

No oyster, alaskan crab, tuna, otak, nasi lemak, rojak, roti prata, ice kachang, steak, chicken rice and all those thing you can find in food court also don’t have … only got laksa and fried bee hoon…
FRIED BEE HOON.. KNN limpeh pay $48++ ask limpeh go eat fried bee hoon.. might as well go downstairs kopitiam eat.
Food Taste : 2/5 – Why liddat sia? Quality control abit leh.

Barely make it, Crab not fresh one.. got see fly somemore.. (heng arh.. not mosquito so limpeh not scared.. salmon sashimi and some other sushi eat liao also never replenish.
Customer Service : 4/5 – Kudos to the service staff.

Staff all give good service and polite. Handled all our request swee swee. Maybe because not much people so they relak and got no pressure.
Comfort level : 4/5 – Not a time watcher. No pressure.

No people one! Dunno how the hell they can still be operational.
So best thing is nobody rush you. Just eat and chill and let the day pass by .. I think you can take a nap there also nobody will care.
Ambiance : 5/5 – Sibeh swee view.

The window seats are pretty popular and one of the main reason why people go there. Its a good place to go if you have small kids and dread crowded places or just wanna find a place to talk cock with your friends over a long lunch.

But hor.. damn strange leh.. when I asked whether I can change to the seats with the windows facing MBS.. they told me all reserved liao.. but limpeh ate from 12 pm to 1.40 pm also never see anyone sitting there… They must be reserved for the Hungry Ghost brothers and sisters. Oh wait.. that explains why nobody goes there…

Overall : 2/5 + 1 (Bonus Point) = 3/5

For some reason they never charge me for my kid even though they told me children is half price. Also we ordered 1 ice lemon tea also never charge us … so.. HENG ARH!

Dont ask limpeh for photos.. limpeh not blogger. If you want limpeh to do a sibeh honest review,
Drop us a note.. but prepare to be screwed lah.