So got chio bu xmm tell me gamer boys very attractive. Bo pian, limpeh golden dragon need to score some goals so start do homework. Nowadays I see all these young people pak game online, wah eh, like sibeh sat-ki. All got simi competitive league lah, sponsors, guild and shits.

When I say I want play game with xmm she laugh at me say I so old still pak game meh… eh siao lian eh, when limpeh first pak Herzog Zwei on SEGA 16-bit you all still swimming in your papa’s lampah lor! Don’t say I dua kang yau siew, today limpeh review a game I’ve been playing on my mobile phone give you all see.

When I first saw this game in google play store (limpeh using note 5 btw) I thought wah seh, peng swee hor the graphics. This game is played in teams of 3, the map is divided into 2 parts, the lane and the jungle. The objective of the game is to smash your opponent’s base. So you’ll have to cheong your way pass damn alot of minions and turrets and finally take over your opponent’s home base. Sounds easy right? Limpeh thought so too. Until you keep kena kan in the backside because you keep playing with CB kias who don’t understand teamwork. Yes, vainglory is a very team-centric game, all it takes is one KNN solo kia to spoil your game.

Welcome to the Halcyon Fold!

Gameplay : 3/5 – Simply about teamwork

When xmm tell me VG (Vainglory) is a MOBA game, I am like MOBA MOBA…simi lanjiao is MOBA? Mobile si bo?Like most MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, for clueless unkers like me), the enjoyment of VG is really dependent on who you are playing with. The objective of the game is sibeh simple, so you’d just need to master your characters and play them to their best advantages. To really enjoy the gameplay, you must first understand teamwork. It can be sibeh satisfying when you cheong as a team and wipe out all 3 opponents together and achieve ACED. Narbeh remind me of my cheongster days.. heng limpeh street trained, understand what is strength in numbers. Alot of these siao lian eh tak cheh too much ya ya like fuck only know how to be Han Solo, in the end kena hoot die. Sibeh kum gong.

Diao zui ahhhh!!! Si gin nah mai zao!!!!!
Graphics : 4/5 – Chio until if VG was a cha bor, limpeh will make sweet love to her.

Limpeh is a very visual guy. Same bio cha bor, no matter how teh or how much a girl like limpeh, if visually limpeh don’t like, golden dragon cannot stand means cannot stand. VG graphics is chio daooooo… can see the team pays alot of attention to design. The logo also swee, every character poster also drawn swee swee. In-game graphics also very swee. Limpeh clap for the VG creative team.

My cai putting on make up in the morning.

Characters : 4/5 – Just one word, sat-ki.

There are so many characters to choose from, so many different abilities to learn. Every individual character got it’s own story and power. Till date, there are 20+ characters to choose from, and Super Evil Megacorp seem to be actively adding new characters. I won’t talk about every character if not I will talk until tomorrow so I will talk about the few characters that limpeh like.

Glaive – The Ultimate Cheongster
Remember when you pia zui the one big fucker who will always cheong head-on first with a parang toh? He slow like fuck but can cheong many fuckers upfront? That’s Glaive. He’s got a fucking big parang toh too. Sibeh apt.

Adagio – The Puppet Master
One of limpeh’s favorite character is Adagio, a mage healer. He is the one that watch from behind and observe first, then from far throw things or command people how to fight. People think he hum ji, but he is just too pretty to get himself hurt so let other people do the dirty work first.

UNLEASHING THE KRAKEN!!!!!!!! – Bonus +1

One of the best part of the game is this Godzilla + Wartortle like monster that stays in the middle of the map. The Kraken can be unleashed by either team to attack the other team’s camp. It sometimes provide as the swing or decider to a match. Damn shiok to see your opponents scurry around it like headless chicken trying to stop it. The Kraken is confirm a plus to the VG gameplay, upping it’s excitement. Damn shiok when you here “Your team has unleashed the KRAKEN!” Limpeh shall try next time when gaming with chio bu, limpeh shall “UNLEASH MY GOLDEN DRAGON!!!” hahahahahahahhaha

Don’t forget your tools – Bonus +1

Just like in pia zui, choosing your weapons is very important. In VG, choosing the right item type can decide whether you kena kan in the backside multiple times or you kan other people. This part must really use some brain power, and see what your opponents are using, then you must counter. But choosing the right ietms and buying them at the right time can feel quite rewarding. How fast you can mine for gold become sibeh vital to your chances of winning.

Choose your parang toh wisely.

Verdict : 11/15 + 2 (Bonus Point) = 13/15

To sum it up.

Vainglory is one of limpeh’s first MOBA game, limpeh has always been a console kia, but Vainglory is one of the first few MOBA game that limpeh quite enjoy (even paid for some satki skins and characters). Perhaps also cause MOBA tend to have trolls and bo liao fuckers who talk crap and make people rage all the time, but VG has cleverly disabled chat but used a ping system to let the team communicate, so you probably will see less trash talk. They are some rude ping-ers out there though, but thanks to its fair and just community management, the team does let you flag rude players and would take action to ban them too. For this limpeh clap for the Super Evil Megacorp Team again.

Ok who want to play VG with me?