What can $1 buy in Singapore now arh?

Sometimes I think inflation is a very scary thing.
When Limpeh was a kid, I remember $1 can buy at least 3 ice-cream loh

Nowadays  If I ask you to list 10 things you can buy with $1. I don’t think you can list down a lot.
Even Kopi are selling at $1.10 liao maybe still can buy Kopi-O at $1 lah. Things like some candies and McDonald’s Ice cream cone loh.

Maybe this is why Daiso is so popular in Singapore with their $2 only Products then all the Aunties can go buy many many.

But what if I tell you we also have a One Dollar Only shop?
Zun bo???? You say…!  Confirm plus chop lah but it’s an online store lah, selling mainly stationeries and some kiddo stuff. Who the hell got the money to pay rent and can still only sell at $1 only.

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