We know many of you are going to host your wedding dinner during November and December period lah so Limpeh has come out with the best proven strategy to help you save money for your Wedding Banquet planning. Don’t expect big angbao from people, sometimes you must also do your own homework to cut cost.

1) Quality Guest, not Quantity

When you are planning your guest list, must always think about Quality and not Quantity. Don’t assume by asking people’s husband, wife and kids come they will give you more angbaos.. this is usually the other way round.

If you are afraid of being put aeroplane then don’t invite those you’ve not catch up for more than 2 years.

Your Current colleagues are your safest bet. Even if they do not wish to attend your wedding, they will inform you upfront before you even send an invitation. Those exexex colleagues will usually be the ones who last minute put you aeroplane.

2) Don’t throw Wedding Invitations like Bombs.

When you are planning your banquet, always do an initial enquiry of their availability before giving them invitations. Some may really be out of town and they will let you know immediately so you don’t need to plan their seats. Throwing invitations like bombs will usually kena backfired with no shows and put aeroplanes.

3) Plan for Backups Guests Tactically

Nobody likes to be asked to join a wedding just one week before actual day. people will surely know you are trying to pull a fast one and ask them as substitutes. Some might even agree to come but put you aeroplane on actual day.

Your initial Whatsapp/SMS RSVP should always invite 10-15% more to check their availability way before your banquet. This group will become your back up guests.

If someone tells you they cannot come then you call these people up and send invitation they also won’t feel like they are being invited last minute.

(If no one tell you they not coming, don’t worry also. Cos not many people will call u up and ask you why you never send them invitation *HENG ARH* save the angbao)

4) Replacement Guests During Table Planning


If you really have friends who are not coming and you have single seats which are empty then how? If you anyhow throw someone to sit there then I can tell you this person will unfriend you and block you for the rest of his life.

Split the 2 groups of people then add a couple into the crowd like above to create a full table.

5) Go Chill on that Wine & Alcohol

One of the highest hidden cost in banquet might turns out to be alcohol consumption. When you negotiate with your banquet, don’t just look at Free Beer or Free 1 bottle of wine per table.. Ask for wavier of corkage fees.

Hotel usually charge a minimum of $25++ per bottle of red wine and I can tell you, nobody can tell a difference between a $30 wine and a $12 wine. They will just drink themselves out crazy because it’s free flow.

Also, cheaper wine tends to make people drunk faster so they can drink less.

If you still feel insecure, plan your banquet on a Sunday night and remind them tomorrow still need to work so drink less.

6) Always Check for Credit Card Promotion

I know some couples don’t do this because they are too busy with other preparations. You should always find out what “Gifts” Credit Card companies are giving out with Minimum spending. Once in a while, they have some very good giveaways like 40″inch LED TV with every $5000 spend. The best timing is usually in June as banks usually campaign together with Great Singapore Sale. Keep a look out for those foreign banks credit card which usually giveaway more valuable stuffs.

7) Split the bills lah!

When your banquet final bill comes, split them out and pay with different cards to get different gifts. If your banquet comes out to about $20,000, Some people find it troublesome and charge all to one card hoping to get points and rebates.. but do you know for some banks their points is only up till your credit limit?

So if your credit limit is only $5000.. your points will only little little hor.. This one confirm can pay one leh so must get back maximum lah.

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