Sibeh Honest Review – Life of a Grassroot Leader

Recently many people kao peh about the perks of being a Grassroot leader and so Limpeh decided to go undercover to learn about the so call sibeh song perks of being a Grassroot leader…

They say Grassroot Leaders/Volunteers Get Free Parking leh!!!!!!

Seriously whoever comes out this is really kong kum.. Singapore where got free one? Might as well say all grassroots leaders can get excuse ERP and Road Tax.

First you have to pay for your own parking.. then you get a label to park free within your constituency loh. If you serve in a GRC then not badz, got more places to park.. but if you serve in a SMC… KNN sometimes across the road also not free hor.

Then hor.. nowadays so expensive to even buy a car, the petrol lagi more expensive. If you got car you think you will just drive 1-2km for a RC event, find a bloody space to park then go for ur event just because it’s free meh?

Then you drive liao become like Uber cos everyone wanna hitch a ride.. end up you look more kum lan to ferry everyone just because you get that FREE parking.

They say Grassroot Leaders/Volunteers Kids get Primary One Registration under Phase 2B

Ok, this is true but only to the schools within your residential area.. and not the area you go volunteer in.
Meaning hor if you want your kid to enroll in Ai Tong Primary School but then you stay Jurong and Volunteer there.. then LOLed.. you just wasted your time.

A lot of first time parents super dumb and never do homework.. so you better learn hor. Don’t say I never teach you smart. If you think it’s easier to be a Grassroot volunteer than a School Volunteer then you super wrong liao. The commitments of a grassroot leader is much higher and if you think can just go there become flower vask then you also wrong liao. You might be kicked out by your RC chairman before you know it then end up no more Phase 2B and waste all your time.

Better Pray more lah than go do Volunteer

They say Grassroot Leaders/Volunteers confirm can get a BTO/EC flat allocation

Actually this is the best benefit of all the mother of benefits of being a Grassroot leader. But but but then hor.. you have to do grassroot volunteer continuously for 3 years to be eligible. (Whoever thought of this 3yrs one Limpeh really hate you) Not immediately join means can get hor.

So I ask you lah, you know after 3years sure got BTO or not? What if 10yrs later then got BTO? Will you still do volunteer for 10 freaking long yrs?

This scheme also doesn’t mean you confirm can get leh. Usually HDB will set aside 20-40 flats and open it to all the grassroots leaders within the constituency. So if you use your brain to think, almost 99% of the grassroots leaders will try one.. and so many RCs, CCs.. you know got how many or not? End up 20 flats got 400 applications.. is almost the same as you ballot normal one lah.

End up is all down to Heng Suay.. You suay you pay $10 to ballot until your son get married and get his own BTO liao you also won’t get.

They say Grassroot Leaders/Volunteers can go to Trips for FREE

Yes it’s free.. if there’s no entrance fees. Suppose RC organize trip to Bedok reservoir for run then you go loh. It’s free and transport is included. But hor.. You have to do all the Sai kangs like carry all the water, set up water point, distribute goody bags, ensure your residents don’t wander around like lost sheep and clear the rubbish when everyone happily go home. This kind of FREE trips you really want meh?

Nowadays everything is ownself pay ownself so don’t expect any fairy godmother from People Association to pay everything for you for you to shake leg.

Want free trips? Go join World Ventures lah

They say Grassroot Leaders/Volunteers can rub shoulder with MPs and Ministers

Actually this is weirdest kind of “benefits” that I think available. MPs, Ministers worked with you for events.. so there’s always a chance you can talk to them and if you sibeh yandao like me then your MP (Okok.. they are called Grassroot Advisors) will know your name.

Honestly speaking, even if Lee Hsien Loong knows your name so what? You get free HDB arh? You excuse ERP arh? You are still the same, you still kena 30% water increased loh (Narbeh)

This is just personal ego and let you go hao lian to your friends for nothing.
Actually, if you want your MPs to know you.. you don’t even need to become Grassroot Volunteers.
Just go to their Meet-People-Session every week/month and talk to them loh. If you are irritating enough, they will also remember you one.

They say Grassroot Leaders/Volunteers can eat many FREE BUFFETs leh

Actually hor do you know why got buffets for all those events in the first place? It’s to attract you go mah. Go to support event got buffet.. go volunteer for events also can eat loh. Sometimes the event got people support then end up Volunteers also never get to eat leh. When grass roots people serve you, you eat shiok then when they eat.. you not happy.. how can like this?

Once a while, Grassroots Advisor will organize a free lunch for volunteers but too bad lah it’s only for volunteers so cannot bring family one. Imagine you go eat restoran then your wife and kids at home eat maggi mee… wanna die earlier say loh.

The things you didn’t know about Grassroot Leaders/Volunteers

When they don’t organize any events, they get scolded.
When they organize events on a Sat, they get scolded by those who cannot make it.
When they organize events in the morning, they get scolded by those who wanna sleep.
When they organize events on week days, they get scolded by those who are still working.
When they wanna charge money for events, they get scolded.
When the event is noisy, they get scolded.
When the buffet is not nice, they get scolded.
When there’s no lucky draw, they get scolded.
When the Top prize of the lucky draw is not attractive, they get scolded.
When they ask residents for feedback, they get scolded.

Looking at this, you say loh. You prefer to scold people or prefer to be scolded? Bear in mind that you are not paid for the job also hor.. Of course you sure say “Wah.. so extreme meh?”, You go try liao you will know the smell..

At the end of the day, volunteerism must be something that comes directly from your heart. People who volunteer at Old folks homes or animal homes are driven by their own choice to help.

Of course, in every organization there will be free loaders and wayang kias around to spoil market. There are also a lot of people who volunteered because they want to give back to the community that they live in. They are doing it for the Ah Gongs and Ah Mas whom they see every day and the Gin nahs their kids are playing with at the playground.

If you are just there for the benefits then might as well stay at home sleep lah