Last week my friend jio me go lim kopiz then last minute put me aeroplane. Damn steady loh.
he think I pilot meh, put aeroplane then put.. as if put liao Limpeh can fly.

So I was alone at Dhoby Ghaut area so decided to go walk walk.
I decided to walk towards the Parklane area coz it was closer to Singapore Pools main office and hopefully I can draw some inspiration for my weekend hootz.

I walked passed this building call PoMo and wonder why the hell people will call their building such weird names. Must be damn artistic siah but wah liew.. PoMo machiam Dog’s name leh.

It’s weird lah.. now imagine people ask you.

“Eh so where you heading later arh?”
“Oh..I going to Pomo”

“Momo? Simi lai eh? Clubbingz arh?”
“No.. No No Pomo”

“PRomo? where got Promo arh? I wanna go also”

Wah lau eh, Parklane say Parklane lah.. simi Pomo.. machiam Homo”

Since I was quite free at that time, I walked in and go find the toilet.
As I walked towards the toilet, I saw this Cafe.

I saw the Logo.. “Wah Lian Huay siah! (Lian Huay = Lotus lah) Wah.. Maybe the owner is Ah Lian from my Era one” After toilet I go check it out.

I think they damn smart leh these people. Firstly they put menu so damn small until the moment you see it already too late. You standing infront of the staff liao. Then they friendly friendly ask you what you want then you have to order something. *sibeh li hai*

So i asked them “Which cake is nice arh?” .. I kena corrected. It’s not call Cake.. but Crepes.
I was like “ok loh.. cake jiu cake.. so many names wanna act ATAS sibo?”

I asked for recommendations and told them I don’t want something too sweet. Gahment now all talking about Diabetes lah.. Eat white rice also can kena Diabetes faster so naturally scared loh. The staff recommend a matcha mille crepes so I buy loh.

Food Wise – 3.5/5

Bought a crepe and a drink for $8.50 and go relax one corner.
Actually the problem with me is I’m not a cake lover lah. Young time like to eat sweet stuff but old liao realized sweet stuff is not realistic loh. Heng this one not very sweet, still manageable if not limpeh going to complain to Health Promo(not Pomo) board and MOH liao.

Variety wise it’s pretty colorful so if you are a cake lover and you work/study nearby you can try.

I bought one more Matcha and one Strawberry for my Supreme Wife and she managed to finish both by the next day. She hint hint ask me when go Parklane again and I’ve been siamming this question.

Location & Overall Ambience – 4.5/5

Not sure about you but if you jio me go cafe or kopiz, it’s a must to have seats with back rest. I think kopiz should be chill and talk cock so naturally you are expected to spend some time there. A seat with back rest can let you lepak more mah. I find their seats quite comfortable, at least can cover my backside without overflow lah.

It’s just outside the toilet so after you lim kopi liao, you can go release or put make up liao then come back order some more. If you are student lagi better, you can just throw your bags there then go toilet and come back.

For the singles male, it’s HUAT time cos PoMo got 2 schools there, Kaplan and Cosmoprof so you can expect alot of chiobuz there. I also noticed a funny thing. These students will queue up in one single straight line while waiting for the lift. Quite funny lah if you sit there just watching them.

Unexpected Bonus – 5/5

One of the things which many Singaporeans asked when they go cafe is “Eh got WIFI or not arh?”
Having WIFI is a norm and not really bonus liao especially when nowadays people just use their 4G to tether.

The real bonus is the power sockets. You can have 12GB data plan but imagine you left 15% battery. LOL
Not many cafes gives you power now. Last time Starbucks and Mcdonalds still have but now all gone liao.
I’ve counted and there are 5 of them and you can chu maximum pattern to drain all their electricity lah.

Verdict : 3/5 +0.5 FOR FREE WIFI + 0.5 FOR FREE POWER = 4/5

Overall feel is a place good for self studying, talk cock and chill out. Study is good lah but people also need to do business one so if one day really crowded liao then move on loh.

I think it’s also a good place to bring clients to discuss about Insurance or other business.
You can even bring your laptop and start up your own business there if you can go there from 10.30am to 9.30pm leh. ($8.50 per day only)