I was walking aimlessly with my family for lunch yesterday and then I saw this sibeh funny signboard at Bugis Junction.
“Wah kao! Got people dare to name themselves STFU!! so Stylo!!”
Limpeh quietly thought as I walked towards the restaurant.

(If you don’t know what STFU means.. try replying your frens ‘STFU!’ when they send a message to you.. confirm they won’t bother you much in future.)

When I walked closer, I realized it’s ‘I’ lah.. not ‘T’ so yeah my happiness was short lived.
SIFU actually meant ‘Master’ in Cantonese loh.. but really lah.. can open a sister bistro call STFU

Too bad I was standing too close to the front door and really bo bian because the restaurant manager was smiling at me like my insurance agent every year when I renew my policy with him.

“Sir.. for how many pax sir?”
Wah lao he actually called limpeh “Sir” twice.. that’s like being commissioned at SAF parade liao.

So I had to go in and try their food lah.

Food Wise – 3/5

At first I walked around and see see look look then saw their buns like very satki one. So I order two to try loh.. Then they took 2 of the buns and MICROWAVED infront of me… WAH LAO MICROWAVE… machiam eat overnight food siah… But wait.. Starbucks and Subway also do that leh.. so should be safe and ok lah. Better than eating Cold buns right?

homemade_beef_stew_rice prawn_toast_rectangles handcrafted_char_siew_bun

(Images kop from their website becos limpeh too lazy to take photo)

From their Beef Stew Rice, fish soup hor fan.. Chilli sauce.. Ice Lemon tea Limpeh can only use one word to describe.

“KAN-SI-LANG-SWEET” (yes, we insist that is one word)
I really wonder how much sweetness is inside all their sauce and food.
(Health Promotion Board Please take note)

The food is not bad actually.. but just the overall weird feeling of sweetness.
Maybe they want you to be happy after eating their food.

Ambience – 4/5


If you hate crowded places especially during the weekends, this is the place you should go. It is damn spacious and not crampy like other restaurant where they will squeeze the table so close to each other as if you wanna hear what other people is gossiping about.

Service 4/5 – 1 = 3/5 (becos of the restaurant manager) 

Earlier I was saying the restaurant manager machiam like my insurance agent right? He was all smiles as he ushered in our seats then after that bo chup liao… ask him for Chilli padi also never come back, ask him for more serviettes also never no action.

Luckily the staff more onz the ball and settle our request.
Guess what?
He was all smiles again when limpeh is standing there to pay the bills..
Only to know that the NETs payment machine is down.. (he say one.. try one time cannot say down liao. Never put any indication even we left the restaurant so I also don’t know if they wayang only then don’t want to use NETS. )

Verdict : 3/5

A good place to be if you don’t know what to eat when you are at Bugis Junction. The speed of serving is relatively fast (MICROWAVED-TYPE-OF-FAST) so you won’t need to wait a long time for your food.

Budget is about $15-$20 per person so just be prepared to bring Cash or Credit card incase they chu pattern and claim their NETS down again without informing you earlier hor!

Also remember to drink lots of plain water because of all the sweetness.

You might also wanna consider this place to propose to your girl friend after she eat so much sweet food confirm ONZ you one