We all know NTUC Fairprice, infact this supermarket is so well known that not much people bother to find out that they are actually formed from an Trade Union Group. (Like who cares really)

Anyone who tells you he or she don’t know NTUC Fairprice, ICA should really confiscate their Singaporean IC & Passport and kick them out of Singapore. They machiam existed over centuries ago where my mother’ mother’s mother started shopping there for groceries. No wait.. actually not that long lah. So today Limpeh is going to do a Sibeh Honest Review on them.

Price : 3/5 ***
The price is fair until cannot be fair.

First of all, they say their Price is FAIR.. but they never say their PRICE is cheap hor! Don’t suka suka self assumed that NTUC Fairprice’s stuff sure is cheapest. It’s like when you see a lady’s skin very smooth and white.. You’ll tell her “Eh Chiobu.. wah your skin sibeh Fair leh” doesn’t mean her skin very cheap right?

If you want to save money, you must do homework lah.

For those of you who don’t know.. Let Limpeh tell you lah. Thursday and Friday’s Straits Times always got put ALL the Supermarket Promotion one… so If you want to know whether they got promotion or not.. try to find a copy to see loh. If you wanna buy something from NTUC.. you must wait zun zun for their promotion to get maximum savings lah. So now you know why they say they are FAIR PRICE.

Because it’s only FAIR those got do homework will get to enjoy lower PRICE loh.


Working Environment – 4/5 ****


I think many people didn’t realize this but when Limpeh go to the NTUC Fairprice, I see all the Aunties all there for many many years liao. There’s one auntie who has worked from Limpeh Primary school until now still working leh. Sibeh long service award!!!


It’s either their pay is sibeh good or the environment there must be sibeh good. Limpeh think when limpeh old that time.. I will go apply to work at NTUC Fairprice Supermarket see how.


Oh wait! Maybe I should go apply during Chinese New Year! Part time also $10 per hour!

Stockist Level – 2/5 **

Not sure if everyone goes to buy things from NTUC is it.. Everytime Limpeh wanna buy something.. sure Out of stock, especially Diapers. The staff always say the stock come in liao but some Kiasu parents will one shot buy 6 packets of Diapers of a particular size.. so in the end Limpeh sometimes cannot find. Wah lau eh.. buy so many packets as if your kid Lao sai is it?

Some other notable Out of Stock situations.

2013 – No FaceMask Lah


2014 – No Toilet Paper lah..


2015 – Seems to run out of Everything 


2016 – No Insect Repellent lah..


Members Recruitment Level – 5/5 *****

If you think MLM recruitment is scary.. wait till you kena the NTUC Membership Recruitment Tactics.
The Cashiers Aunties will always ask you this question.


First time you will ignore.. but EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY WILL ASK YOU
This question will keep lingering in your head… 


UNTIL YOU GO CRAZY and the moment you walked out..
The membership booth is just infront. 
This kind of Sales Funnel where to find???

Verdict : 4/5 NTUC is actually quite fun lah!

No matter how much you wanna deny, NTUC Fairprice is already part of Singapore lah. It’s a place where we will go almost everyday to buy all the nonsense stuff. It is also a place of many cock up Price tag like this!


And last but not least.. Limpeh signed up NTUC Member because I wanna book NTUC Chalet and get rebates for Supermarket lah.. who got time for UNION?