The 10 things Limpeh learned from Train to Busan (Warning: contain spoiler hor…)

Recently Limpeh finally get to watch this movie which almost every Korean is talking about. “Train to Busan” is like the the first Zombie ever come out from Kimchi land so everyone was pretty excited to know if the Zombies from Korea too love Kimchi as much.

Nevertheless, Limpeh learned at least 10 things from this movie

  1. The things that children in South Korea like is Wii


This is something Limpeh dont understand leh… Why can’t they put something from Samsung arh? Why go advertise a Product from Japan arrrrrhh???

      2. Zombies in Korea are machiam like Vampires only lah


Kaoz, they don’t eat brains one loh.. Thank goodness.. they just bite you and you will become a zombie like them.. Oh wait.. isn’t that Vampire siah??? I wonder are they afraid of silver?

       3. South Korea’s Telco is the best in the world


While all of us kaopeh, South Korea’s telco has the best coverage shown in the movie. Not only they can make calls at almost anywhere while the train is moving.. inside Tunnel also got reception siah!!! Wah lau eh.. Singtel better go learn from them lah.. Limpeh take MRT go underground already no signal

       4. South Korea’s Phone Battery is also the strongest 


Limpeh believe Samsung must be trying to get their batteries to last for an entire month for fail lah. Just look at the phones in the movie.. no signs of battery flat one leh.. so damn power lah!!

   6. When you want to throw a group of outcast out – you throw them FURTHER away from the Zombies. 


This is the most entire WTF scene Limpeh saw..  How can they be so dumb to ask the male lead and his group to move FURTHER away from the Zombies..  Of course next thing we know, the Ah Ma open the door to let all the zombies in..  So many people there.. no one thought of this meh?

   7. Never leave an emo elderly alone


Don’t say we never warn you arh. Never never never leave an Emo Ah Ma alone cos You DON’T KNOW what she will do next. Like opening the door to the zombies and let them kill all of you lah.. LOL

   8. Toilet is the best place when faced any danger 


No wonder when my wife Kaopeh.. Limpeh will ke siao go to the toilet and hide.

   9. She is the bloody fastest pregnant lady in South Korea


While everyone kena bite by zombie.. she ran and ran.. out run a whole bunch of Zombies… can even run to chase after the train and managed to get on it.. WTH!!!! Her baby will be Olympic champion!!!

   10. Don’t try to be Hero


Limpeh laughed so hard at this scene.. He could have gotten away but he think he superman, tries to save 1 person from an entire battalion of zombies.. ROFL and yeah.. this is what you get loh.. when you KEI KIANG!



Verdict : 4/5 Not badz, can watch but don’t watch alone



No no.. not Male Lead kena bite and become Zombie lah..

Ish what Limpeh learned about the zombies!!!


So yeah!! you can have another reason to go KTV liao!