The other day Limpeh was chilling at home then wifey suddenly kpkb like I owe her money.
(Actually she always say Limpeh owe her money one lah)
“Wah lau eh.. look at your feet.. so dry then got so many skin flakes”
“Orh.. then how arh?”
“Take care of your feet lah!” then she threw me a few bottles of I dunno what.
“Before I throw you out of the house”

Then I was thinking, “Eh what if Limpeh do a Sibeh Honest Review on Beauty products arh?”

Sibeh Random Foot care Cream – Carnation Foot care.

First of all, Limpeh has never hear this brand before. Carnation sounds like reincarnation leh.. sibeh scary.. So every time when we wanna know something then nobody can tell you then what we all do?
Yah lah, Ask Google lah.. So Google tell me this brand is from UK one siah.. Zun or not?

Wah lau.. so there’s actually something else coming out from UK besides English Premier League leh.

Exfoliating Foot Scrub – $13.90

The engrish is too cheem lah.. WTH is Exfoliating??? Foot scrub then call Foot scrub lah, KNN add a bombastic word means better meh? Anyway, limpeh reading the instruction many times. Wash and dry feet.. then apply scrub to all areas.. repeat weekly for best result.. Sooo after you apply the Scrub no need to wash away one meh??? then those tiny bits all drop on the floor how siah?

Intensive Moisturizing Foot Cream – $11.90

I think moisturizing cream/lotion are pretty common lah. Nobody really care what ingredients they use to make one.. they just buy because it’s either on Promotion or Buy 1 get 3 free just to try see see. When it comes to moisturizing cream I confirm expert cos I use a lot.. (Just dun ask me for what and why *if you know what I mean*) The thing that irritates people the most is some cream is so damn thick until 10mins later you walk on the floor also feels slippery and floor got stain. This one still ok, apply on foot liao can walk after 2 minute.

Another thing is the smell, some moisturizing cream smells so sweet that Limpeh not sure will attract ants or not lah. Foot cream so nice smell for what? ask people to lick arh.

Cracked Heel Cream – $12.90

If there’s no such thing available in the market, nobody would have bothered to know there’s actually something that can remove those cracked heels. A lot of guys don’t care about their feet one lah. Crack then crack loh, some can say feet crack is more manly leh.

So I reckon this product won’t be so popular with guys lah. Ladies maybe because they need to protect their feet to wear all those sibeh expensive shoes.

Verdict : KNN Why cannot have one cream that does all-in-one????

You know why these beauty companies cannot earn Limpeh’s money? Because they are not too smart to come out an all-in-1 solution. Men where got time to do so many things in the morning or at night. You know how many shampoo companies nearly went bankrupt because no one was buying their conditioner until they came out a 2-in-1 Shampoo+conditioner??? Some even have 3-in-1 Shampoo+Conditioner+Bodywash to cater for the sibeh lazy yet busy lifestyle for men.

Also their Product names also not very localized one. Come, Limpeh help you lah. Rename your products to Sibeh Exfoliating Foot Scrub, Sibeh Intensive Moisturizing Foot Cream and Sibeh Cracked Heel Cream confirm will be very popular in Singapore one lah!.

As for all beauty product reviews, Limpeh have to attach a photo of Before and After.. so here it is


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