Mid Autumn Festival has always been one of the most happening event in Singapore cos all the mooncake pattern will be out by various Hotels and restaurants trying to out do each other.

Whenever my friend come and ask Limpeh
“Eh bro, you got try that mooncake from XXX Hotel or not arh? Damn nice and power siah”

Limpeh always question mark one.
“How you know arh? You got eat many mooncakes before meh?”

So today Limpeh is going to eat 3 types of Mooncake to tell you which is nicer.
Just for the records, Limpeh is risking my health to eat so many mooncakes to do this review so you better read finish and share hor.


Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

Li Bai (not to be confused with Chi Bai cos one is a famous poet while the other is bad word) is a Cantonese restaurant in Sheraton Hotel. Don’t ask Limpeh why they are call Li Bai cos everything that is Li or Lee seems damn important and must be good in Singapore.


Fullerton Hotel

Arrrhhhh… Before you this Mountain tortoise go “Wahhhhhh Facebook mooncake” This is actually from Fullerton, every year sure got some tortoise think Facebook got sell mooncake..Eh Comeon lah, people is Billion dollar company, need to sell mooncake to who?  Not only Facebook starts with “F” hor.. Your Father also starts with “F” hor.


Mai Ke Si

This one Limpeh really have no idea except it is from Malaysia and “supposed” to be quite famous there but they don’t have a website or Facebook page also. The person who bought it probably anyhow say until damn ATAS

Why must add in a foreign brand you might asked.
You don’t know like that my review is International Standard meh?

How to review Mooncake?

Some people say if lousy one got an oily smell cos the oil they used for their Lotus seed paste cannot integrate properly so have the smell and yeah.. let you eat.

Some people will say depending on the sweetness, the lousy ones are the one which taste the sweetness because they never use natural sweetener, just whack sibeh many sugar in making the paste only.

Verdict : WTF.. its all about BRANDS and PRICING LAH

After eating the entire 3 of them.. Limpeh cannot even tell the difference which is which. So come on lah.. the only difference you can tell from a Mooncake is whether it’s Lotus, Durian or other kind of Paste.. and how many Egg Yolks inside.. If there’s no indication, you won’t even know which Hotel the mooncake is from lah ~ so don’t anyhow go believe people tell you like they sibeh expert.

Just buy the mooncake from the Restaurant or Hotel you wanna buy lah.