So the other day my fren asked me to go this Korean Drama “W”. Simi lai eh?
Dun want lah… i see all these Korean Drama until i give up liao.

To me, Kdrama only got 2 types..

First type is those typical Yan dao or/and Rich Ah Xia Kia fell in love with a sibeh innocence and not so chio girl. Then confirm sure got one sexy chiobu not happy so come out create havoc and make them break. Then when break liao all sibeh sad.. flash back many many sibeh sad memories with all those sibeh sad love song.. finally they wake up their idea, patch back then realized they were siblings, only to be proven it’s false alarm then in the end get married  and live happily ever until the wife give birth…

2nd type is those sibeh draggy and super long winded plot about women from as young as 16yrs until 80yrs old plotting against each other. The whole drama is just making people fall into their traps over and over again then sabo here sabo there and when see people suffer then they sibeh happy.

Sorry arh.. not I got something against women lah… its just all their plot like that one.
So i was quite skeptical lah… but since its only 16 episode so try loh.

So the male lead is act by Lee Jung Suk.. as Kang Chul.. (eh wait.. doesn’t Kang Chul means hold hands in Hokkien meh.??. ) and at first I thought W must be a drama about drugs cos he really looked like Peh Hun Kia (Heroin boy) then the female lead is by a not so plastic Han Hyo Joo whom linpeh has no idea who.. Limpeh only know one Korean Chiobu… Kim Hee San.

So limpeh started watching and finally understood what the “W” stands for

Drama Plot : 4.5/5
The plot twist more than limpeh’s waist on a hoola hook.

First the Peh Hun Kia becomes olampic champion (wah Lau)

Then his whole family dies for no reason (Wah Lau x2) 

Then he kena framed for killing his whole family.. (Wah Lau x 3) 

Then he bo dai kena discharge and went on to become a Multi Millionaire (Wah Lau x 4) 

Then female Lead woke up from her sleep in the hospital. She is a doctor.. and Limpeh think South Korea must be seriously lacking Doctors.. wanna psycho more people go become doctor by putting all their Drama Female Leads as Doctors lah
She realized her Laobeh missing thought he run away from loan shark so
decides to go check it out.  (Boring….)

Then she saw her Laopeh’s Tablet and this happened.. (WAH LAU!!!!! x Maximum) 

All in one episode only loh.. The plot will be explained by Episode 5 & 6 so you don’t really need to wait so long for things to review. Just lotsof Plot twist and those “Wah lau Why they can think until like this” moments.

Actor Chioness : 3/5 – Why People say he very Yandao

First of all, Limpeh dunno why many charbo say Lee Jong-Suk is super yan dao.. Limeph dun think so leh.. not because I jelly about him.. I find him so so only lah. Lee Min Ho more yandao right? The female lead Han Hyo-Joo really so so only leh.. Maybe she don’t have alot of money go Plastic surgery lah.

Acting Skills: 1/5 – Only Villains know how to act lah

I think hor… all of them acting sucks. Not much expression one. Happy also one face, sad also once face, shocked also one face, everything also one face.

Maybe the plot is good so people don’t mind loh. The only person who limpeh think really can act is the Laopeh. You might find him familiar because he also act in Train to Busan!!!

Verdict : 4/5 Must go find your own source to watch hor!

Do not watch this drama if your IQ is below 120 cos you will be left wondering WTF just happened over and over again until you sibeh tired and give ups. But becos Limpeh’s IQ is 130 so I can enjoy all these Plot Twists and those unimaginable moments.

So Limpeh can confirm tell you.. W actually stands for..