Adult : $0.78 – $2.28 per trip.
Child : Say below 7yrs free but above 0.9m must have ezlink card but still free anyway.. Knn can you make up your mind or not? Play with children arh

Today Limpeh is going to do a review on our most popular transport system in Singapore. No, popular not because many Singaporeans take it everyday. Our Mrt is famous because everyday they also appear on the newspaper for breakdown lah.

So the Mrt breakdown has already integrated into part of our daily lives liao.. it’s like going to toilet in the morning or brushing our teeth.. so natural and expected liao. So if you a tourist in Singapore, dun panic arh.. if kena MRT breakdown just follow what we do. Just go to their facebook page and kaopeh can already.

Effectiveness : 4/5
Almost covering entire Singapore liao loh maybe except Lim Chu Kang Cemetery lah

You must be wondering… Wah Kao.. got so high meh? Ok Let limpeh explain first, effectiveness is about how useful it is to limpeh. No matter how much we hate it, Mrt still one of the fastest mode of public transport from one town to another. (Except Bus 969 from Tampines to Woodlands lah) With all the Downtown line..Thomson Line and all the Simisai line all coming up.. the only concern Limpeh have is with all the digging whether Singapore will sink or not.

Efficiency : 1/5 – Ok talk about this I abit blood boil liao

Knn.. Break down more than limpeh take mc every year yet still buey pai seh say until their performance until damn good. I also go tell my boss Limpeh performance good after I take MC.. but she ask me go fly a kite.

Somemore hor this MRT sibeh funny one, wanna breakdown must choose limpeh knock off wanna go home liao then breakdown. Cannot choose limpeh go to work time and break down meh? Let Limpeh sleep awhile more mah.

No wonder so many people dulan lah.

Comfort level : 3/5 – How bad still got people like.. 

The old train seats must be designed according children/super model standard… so freaking small always sit and kena elbow by the person beside limpeh. Sometimes you see those guys who will sit until their legs open big big like ventilating their balls.

The aircon also must be engineering designed to follow the external temperature.
When outside hot, aircon also sibeh hot.. When outside raining, inside will feel like Antarctica.

But hor, despite all these, everyone can koon on MRT one leh.. Our MRT seats are machiam like 5 star hotel beds, the moment you sit on it you will go arhhhhhhh… then close your eyes and sleep, without giving a damn of that Ah Pek standing beside you.

Excitement Level  : 4/5 – The most exciting trip of your life could be this

If you want the same type of excitement as a roller coaster but bo ji go take… then come take the mrt. Burning smell, water leaking for no reason and dunno where, sudden smoke attack, glass suddenly breaks and most of all… the Mrt is full of crazy people.

You’ll see all the seow lang on mrt.. some singing, some dancing, some fighting, some wanna hug you.

Actually Limpeh wonder whether Train to Busan was inspired by our MRT one.

Verdict : 3/5 (– 1 point immediately if they knn dare to increase price this year )

Taking the MRT has made us closer to each other everyday. Sometimes Limpeh smell people’s hair, sometimes people smell limpeh’s armpit. Sometimes a chio bu stand very close to me.. will make limpeh’s heart peepok peepok cos no other time will there be an opportunity like this.

We are unhappy not because the MRT breakdowns.
We are unhappy because they
– KNN always breakdown never mind,
– yet never apologized never mind
– still think they sibeh good never mind

That is what we are unhappy about.. Tio bo? If you agree share lah!