This is your Typical Old-But-No-One-Loves-AndThen-Menopause-Is-Coming HR Empress Dowager. Many people actually think their boss is the most powerful person in office.. That’s where you are wrong liao! If your company has this type of woman, she will definitely be The MOST POWERFUL person in the office where she decides the fate of all your leaves, overtime and bonuses. Bow down to her and your life in office will be spared. Go against her and you will end up living in hell until you find another job.

Chapter 1 – The Interview

A brand new day begins, the sound of annoying birds chirping as if they were being strangled marks an important day on Xiao Lian’s calendar. Waking up from her bed, she looks at her graduation certificate one last time before heading into the toilet.

“Eh… God of Degree today must po pee po pee arh..” she chanted mentally as she brushed her teeth.
Today is an important day for Xiao Lian.. No it’s not the first day of her menses but the day where she goes on her first job interview.

Xiao Lian is like the rest of the 68,799 fresh unemployed people in Singapore seeking for a job.
Oh… if you want to more polite, you can call them fresh graduates.

The number of degree holders in Singapore has probably grown tenfold over the last few years. Nowadays, even my hairdresser auntie has a Master Degree in Cuthairology. Like Seriously..

If you don’t believe me, you just try throwing a stone in a crowd. It’s either you hit a foreigner with a lousy fly by night degree or a degree holder.


“LIAN ARH!!!!!! Come out eat breakfast” Her mother shouted from the kitchen.
“MA, what you got for breakfast arh?”
“Nah you eat this Bao and Rice Dumpling” Her mother put the plate in front of her.

“Wah lau.. Why must eat this two arh? So early only ask me eat so much”
“Because BAO ZHONG(Sure strike) mah!” Her mother’s superstitious just went off the charts.

“Then why you never eat this every Saturday and Sunday arh? Sure strike 4D one..”
“Just shuuudap and eat”

“Eh What time is your interview arh?”
“9.30 loh”
“What? Then you should quickly go now.” Her mother said.
“But it’s just 8am leh and the office only like 5 MRT stops”

“Are you going to SMRT for interview?” Her mother asked.
Xiao Lian shook her head.

“Then why the hell you TRUST them so much arh???
Trust me lah, I see MRT break downs more than you take MRT. Better be early than late”
(next time you will hear your mother telling you this more than they tell you they eat more salt than you eat rice)

As Xiao Lian steps out from home, she was filled with excitement and enthusiasm until she reached Yishun MRT.


“WAH LAU EH… where the hell all these people come from.. good thing everyone is so civil minded to queue up” Her praise soon become disgust as the moment the train arrived, people were pushing and shoving like hungry ghost festival.

She finally got on to our World Class Transportation by her 3rd tries and reached the office just in time.

“Wah.. really must trust what old people says“
She tidy up and went into the office.

“Here for?” The bespectacled receptionist screened her.
“Hello, I’m here for Interview”

“Ok, go to that room and fill up this form then pass back to me”

You know every time we go for interview, someone will surely asked us to fill up the particulars, including our past jobs, education level blah blah blah.. you never think why they ask you do this meh?

“Eh… sorry I’m just curious. How come you need me to fill up my particulars when I already emailed my resume over already?”

“Hmmm… actually I also don’t know. Maybe just give you something to do while you wait loh”
The Receptionist shrugged.

HUH… That moment when you realized your own life is doing something stupid.


As Xiao Lian was busy rewriting her own resume back onto the form, she felt a chill coming from behind.

The person walks into the room and greet her…
“Good morning…..I see you are slow in filling up forms”

[ To be Cont ]

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