The other day Limpeh did the review, then people kaopeh say if they pay limpeh to write review one.
Wah lau eh.. Limpeh’s name not Daniel or ladyboychef lah where got people pay limpeh to write review one. Limpeh just felt nowadays social media too many sibeh fake reviews so must write honest one. Didn’t our Laobu taught us to be honest?

Got receipt Got Talk!

Mookata Bugis Junction
Adult : $21.90nett, Child : $10nett

Food Spread : 2.5/5 – Eh fhis is Mookata Buffet… what you expect siah? Siew Mai? Wagyu Beef?

The food spread got as much as those a la carte plate loh. Got Pork, Chicken, Beef, Bacon, Pork Belly and some vegetables that reminds me of how my laobu used to force me to eat. But then I wanna ask them something siah, why NO FREE FLOW THAI ICE MILK TEA, give limpeh drink those sweet-until-can-cause-diabetes fruit punch and barley. Which Thai national drinks fruit punch and barley one? Not authentic leh?

Food Taste : 3/5 – Waste all your gym time here. 

KNN the free flow of Pork belly is something that made limpeh’s fat until underwear also tight. If you are a meat lover, then can go lah.. Charbo go sure not worth it one..
Pay $21.90 eat vegetables must eat at least 10kg of vege then break even lah. 

Customer Service : 3.5/5

Got one Wear specs Botak Unker sibeh friendly and steady. Always greet us with enthusiasm and not because limpeh looked like Andy Lao. Limpeh just don’t like the Supervisor/Manager of the shop. Sibeh xia lan one, got one time insist wanna charge limpeh’s kid even though he didn’t eat much (cos he wasn’t well). KNN limpeh really don’t understand why these buffet wanna charge children. How much can they eat siah? You wanna earn money you earn from Charbo can liao.. All the charbo go sure lugi one.

Comfort level : 4/5

One of the reason why we go there is cos it’s very spacious, maybe that’s why they not making enough money then KNN wanna make money for charging a 6 yr old child lah.. We can park our baby pram just behind our seats and never block other people. A lot of other eateries all damn packed one, eat liao sibeh sian one, this one also never rush us.. can change the BBQ hotplate somemore if they see ours chao tar liao.

Ambience : 3.5/5

When you go shopping center, you go there is to shop and eat lah. See ambience for what? But their surroundings are pretty clean lah and their staff sibeh efficient one. If there is a Fastest Table Cleaning Competition, their staff sure win one. From Limpeh stand up, walked to the cashier to pay and finished payment.. my table already cleared and wipe liao. SIBEH SOLID!!!!

Verdict : 3.5/5

2 Adults pay $51.20, although its more expensive than go food court but cheaper than some other restaurants in Bugis Junction loh. Bonus point is you can service your galfren or that chiobu you wanna tackle.. you can BBQ for them.. then accidentally fake kena hurt by the oil burst  and hope your gal will blow your finger *huuu Huuuu* and sayang you lah!