We are a subsidiary under DesignHows registered (201333337R). Till date, our experienced designers have completed a combined number of 1,828 online + offline projects and have decades of experience in the creative industry. The majority of the costs in design projects are due to the long turn-around time and the resources committed to sustaining the projects. The team at Disrupthows understands that very well. We seek to streamline our processes and creating a more effective workflow together with our clients, reducing the time and resources required to run a project, thus the reduced rates.

Disrupthows is founded on the purpose of streamlining creative processes and reducing costs. That’s why they can go so low rates and stil deliver reasonable quality designs. Of course cannot expect consultant sit beside you service lah, think of them more like assemble yourself furniture IKEA. A full online and offline design package at $1,888 only, somemore guarantee timely and satisfaction guaranteed delivery. If you are looking for design you should consider them. To find out more about what is included in the package visit the website www.disrupthows.com.

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