Author: Honest Cock

Sibeh Honest Review #003 – Mookata Bugis Junction

The other day Limpeh did the review, then people kaopeh say if they pay limpeh to write review one. Wah lau eh.. Limpeh’s name not Daniel or ladyboychef lah where got people pay limpeh to write review one. Limpeh just felt nowadays social media too many sibeh fake reviews so must write honest one. Didn’t our Laobu taught us to be honest? Got receipt Got Talk! Mookata Bugis Junction Adult : $21.90nett, Child : $10nett Food Spread : 2.5/5 – Eh fhis is Mookata Buffet… what you expect siah? Siew Mai? Wagyu Beef? The food spread got as much...

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Sibeh Honest Review #002 – Vainglory: Clueless Hokkien Peng Review

So got chio bu xmm tell me gamer boys very attractive. Bo pian, limpeh golden dragon need to score some goals so start do homework. Nowadays I see all these young people pak game online, wah eh, like sibeh sat-ki. All got simi competitive league lah, sponsors, guild and shits. When I say I want play game with xmm she laugh at me say I so old still pak game meh… eh siao lian eh, when limpeh first pak Herzog Zwei on SEGA 16-bit you all still swimming in your papa’s lampah lor! Don’t say I dua kang yau...

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Sibeh Honest Review #001 – Seasonal Treats at Westin Hotel

So got people tell limpeh about this sibeh nice view buffet at Westin Hotel, so limpeh decided to check it out… but one thing limpeh damn paiseh.. cos limpeh all along thought Westin is at City Hall that one. (WHY ARH?) Heng Taxi Unker corrected me so never waste money. Ok here’s our sibeh honest review… Seasonal Tastes Lunch Buffet @ Westin Singapore Adult : $48++, Child : $24++ Food Spread : 2/5 – Really kanasai and limited. No oyster, alaskan crab, tuna, otak, nasi lemak, rojak, roti prata, ice kachang, steak, chicken rice and all those thing you can...

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