Author: Honest Cock

Sibeh Honest Review #10 – SIFU @ Bugis Junction

I was walking aimlessly with my family for lunch yesterday and then I saw this sibeh funny signboard at Bugis Junction. “Wah kao! Got people dare to name themselves STFU!! so Stylo!!” Limpeh quietly thought as I walked towards the restaurant. (If you don’t know what STFU means.. try replying your frens ‘STFU!’ when they send a message to you.. confirm they won’t bother you much in future.) When I walked closer, I realized it’s ‘I’ lah.. not ‘T’ so yeah my happiness was short lived. SIFU actually meant ‘Master’ in Cantonese loh.. but really lah.. can open a...

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[Pilot] Chronicles of Xiao Lian – Chapter 1 – The interview

This is your Typical Old-But-No-One-Loves-AndThen-Menopause-Is-Coming HR Empress Dowager. Many people actually think their boss is the most powerful person in office.. That’s where you are wrong liao! If your company has this type of woman, she will definitely be The MOST POWERFUL person in the office where she decides the fate of all your leaves, overtime and bonuses. Bow down to her and your life in office will be spared. Go against her and you will end up living in hell until you find another job. Chapter 1 – The Interview A brand new day begins, the sound of...

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