Author: Honest Cock

SIBEH HONEST REVIEW #12 – HASU Confections @ PoMo

Last week my friend jio me go lim kopiz then last minute put me aeroplane. Damn steady loh. he think I pilot meh, put aeroplane then put.. as if put liao Limpeh can fly. So I was alone at Dhoby Ghaut area so decided to go walk walk. I decided to walk towards the Parklane area coz it was closer to Singapore Pools main office and hopefully I can draw some inspiration for my weekend hootz. I walked passed this building call PoMo and wonder why the hell people will call their building such weird names. Must be damn...

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SIBEH HONEST REVIEW #11 – Singapore’s Economy will be damn jialat by month end

Actually we no need to say you also will feel it. The economy has been damn jia lat since the start of 2016 and 2017 won’t be any easier The signs are already there. By end of the month, you will see many shop closed Even hawker centers and eateries won’t be spared.    Even for those that managed to stay open, there will be price hikes everywhere. Everything will become ridiculously expensive but you don’t have much choices.  Many people will resort to gambling to generate more income. Some will even start to drink more.  Many will be...

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