Our Crossed Paths – Chapter 1

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Do you still remember how you met your boyfriend? In school? At work? Or something happened like the movies where the two of you just bumped into each other for no reason at café every morning?

People always say relationship start because of Fate but have we ever asked ourselves if the meeting of two parties is really due to fate or the result of our planned actions and consequences? You won’t know for sure that he might have spotted you from long ago liao then decides to plot to see if he can see you the next morning.

When you walked into the café the next day, he makes it a point to make you notice him. He purposely dropped something right in front of you or blocked your path to leave an impression. The next day when he sees you, he might just smile at you because you have already a faint memory of him. You just smile back and it won’t be long before he walks up to you and say ‘hi’, introduced himself and make friends with you. Few months down the road he might just jio you go steady and the two of you can proceed to go apply for a BTO flat..

Will you still call this fate?
Perhaps… because all these won’t happen if you’ve never walked into the café.

The sky was still dark and the noisy sound of a retro electric fan filled the small one bedroom HDB flat.

When the clock struck five, the alarm sounded like a rooster would during the kampong days.
*Ringggggg Ringgggggggggggggg….*
A hand reached for the clock and pressed the alarm quickly to avoid waking everyone in the house.
He got up and carefully fold his mattress, puts it aside while trying not to disturb his younger siblings.

“Ah Boon ah? So early wake up liao?” Ah Ma was awoken by his alarm.

“No lah Ah Ma, I have something to do today. You rest ok? I will prepare breakfast”
Ah Boon whispered to his grandma as he pulled the blanket closer to her.

“Today I have something important to do” Ah Boon told himself as he looked at the mirror.

To many people breakfast was supposed to be the most important meal of the day. But to Ah Boon’s family, breakfast was only simply porridge and eggs. Eggs were supposed to be the most nutritious food for them who couldn’t waste their income on a Mcdonald’s Big Breakfast.

Stir fried eggs with onions and porridge would be a bigger breakfast than they could afford.

After cleaning the kitchen, he woke both his siblings up.

“Kor.. why we have to wake up so early every morning?” the youngest sister complained.
“So that you can save money from walking to school loh” her elder sister replied.

“Many of my classmates take school bus to school. I also want!” The 8 year old girl tried to protest.
“Walk is good you know, you get to appreciate the simple gifts in life” The elder girl replied.

“Gifts?… yeah like what?”
“Like… Your legs loh…” Her elder girl sister kicked her as they were folding their mattress.

“Eh quickly have your breakfast and go to school liao lah”
Ah Boon lighted some incense and prayed infront of the altar.

A photo of a middle aged woman lies beside the wooden plaque.
“Mother, Xiao mei is going to have her term test today so please bless her and hopefully she won’t fail all her test like last semester” He spoke with his head lowered sincerely.

“Kor.. you think mother will know?”

His youngest sister walked towards the altar and Ah Boon made her lowered her head.
“Don’t talk ,when you pray you must keep quiet and be sincere”

The door opened as they were preparing to go out.

“Ah Pa!” The youngest daughter was the first to greet the frail looking man dressed in a nice uniform.

“Eh father, how come you are back to early today? I thought your shift ends at 7.30am?”
Ah Boon came to help his father carried his bag.

“My leg sibeh pain leh. Last night when I was patrolling the office building I suddenly twisted my ankle. At first ok but later on my ankle swollen until like this liao. My Security Supervisor also quite a nice guy, he asked me to go home early to rest first and see a doctor if it gets more jia lat”

“I take some ice for you to reduce swelling first”

“Eh no need lah, you know I don’t believe in all these Ang mo things one. I go koon first. later if I wake up no better then I go see a sin seh myself.”

Ah Boon took a hard look at his old man.
Sometimes he wished he could just stop studying and work full time to help his father. The part time jobs he does every weekend could only sustain his own University expenses but not for the entirely family. His father still has to work to pay for both of his daughters and family expenses.

“Kor, going to be late liao!” His younger sister suddenly exclaimed.

“Yeah, I still need to get my things done”

After sending both his sisters to their school, Ah Boon walked towards the MRT Station.

“Good morning, today is 10th May 2020 and this is the headline news. After the Singapore government dissolved Parliament the whole nation will once again goes to the poll to elect their next ruling party. The ruling party is once again expected to contest in all available seats and the Opposition Parties have not announce in which GRC or SMCs they will be contesting”

The sun had risen and Ah Boon walked towards a void deck where a group of young and old have gathered to take up forms.

Ah Boon walked up and took one of the forms.
“Hopefully I can do something ”

He filled up every single details and make sure nothing was overlooked.

“We will need all the Volunteers to help us with the distribution of flyers and home visits. Please make sure you can commit at least to 2 – 3 days during our elections campaign.”

“Hopefully.. something can still be changed”
He proceed to hand up his form.

“Thank you for supporting the Workers Party. We will contact you once we have more details”

[ To Be Cont ]