Singapore Urban Legend – The Curse of Yishun
Based on a story told by my Great Grand AhMa’s daughter’s husband’s brother’s nephew.

Bet you all don’t know, many years ago, Singapore got a lot of rubber trees one.
Then got this young man who is very talented and hardworking.
He would often find new ways of tapping the latex and intends to do big business with rubber.

One day he act smart then anyhow walk and got lost in the Forest.
He scared liao so he used his knife and tries to make a mark on the tree he passed.

As he poke his knife inwards, he heard a cry.
“Mai arh… Mai arh…”
That man was shocked as there were no one there around him.
He looked up and the tree branches started to move.

“don’t… hurt… me…” The tree said.
The man looked up and got frightened instead.

“Who are you? How come you can talk?”
“I am the Guardian of this Forest, we have been here for very long already. Please don’t hurt us”

The young man had a kind heart and he said “Actually not I want to hurt you, it’s because I lost liao then dunno what to do mah”

The tree said “Wah liew.. dunno what to do then anyhow poke me also can meh?”

The young man apologized and asked the tree to help.

The tree then use one of its branches and touched the young man’s forehead.
“You are a good man. I will help you, I will even teach you a faster way of tapping latex without hurting the rubber trees”

“Eh why you so good arh? What’s the drawback? Sign up as your MLM down line arh?”
The man replied.

“No I need you to keep a promise not to cut down the trees in this forest” The tree said.
“When you start to destroy our home, we will destroy your mind”

“Wah.. hahaha destroy our minds.. you mean you make all of us Siao Lang arh?? But ok lah I have no intentions to destroy the Forest anyway. Trees are my friends, they help me grow my business”

“Steady, I trust you.. but always remember. Don’t ever start to destroy us if not we will destroy you.”
The tree then pointed a direction and the man walked back to his office.

As he walked inside, his colleagues asked him “Eh why come back so fast? I thought you said you going out for a walk?”

“I did! And got lost in the Forest” the young man replied.

His colleagues all laughed.. “HAHAHAHA it’s just 5 minutes, you lost in toilet arh?”
The man then looked at his watch and then the clock.. both showed the same timing.
He was only away for 5minutes.
“But the tree taught me this method… “ he remembered but he knows no one will believe him.

The young man soon left the company and started his own rubber plantation. He used the tapping method which the tree taught him and could produce more latex than his competitors.

He soon grew very rich and influential but he always remembered not to destroy the trees even though he could not verify whether it was just an illusion.

Many years later the man passed on and the place was massively developed.
Many trees were chopped down and shopping centres, hospitals were build and they call this place “YISHUN”

But no one remembered what the tree guardian said..
“When you start to destroy our home, we will destroy your mind”